Reset & New Ownership

VenomPvP 2.0


You maybe wondering why the server has been offline for the last week.. Well VenomPvP has recently been purchased by Adam and Matt. They have seen huge potential in VenomPvP and are here to revive and revamp! 


Before we get into the nitty and gritty I am happy to announce that we are doing an extremely limited and exclusive 85% SALE! This will last for only a very short amount of time. 




Why is the server down?


This Saturday the 2nd of December VenomPvP will be released to the public once again. We have reset the map and are working on implementing new additons and fixing any previous issues you may have expierenced while playing on VenomPvP. If you have any bugs or features you would like us to know about please let one of our staff members know. Once our forums are online you will be able to let us know there! 


With this upcoming reset we will also be purging our whole bans database! Yes, you heard us! If you've been banned previously on VenomPvP you will now have a second chance!




I would just like to quickly note that ALL previous rank purchases will be KEPT. They will NOT be removed during this reset or any future reset. This also includes any extra abilites purchased such as /fly. 


We have gone through the server and changed up and improved mainly backend features which allows us to work on adding more features and easily patching bugs in the future. We have also changed up some of the prices from the store for things such as crate keys, extra abilites and boss eggs! You can now purchase these at an even cheaper price. 


This map will entail a $500 Factions Top prize! More information will be issued closer to the end of the map. Who will win? Join us at 3pm EST to find out!


What you WILL keep:

  • Purchased Ranks
  • Purchased Abilites (inc kits, faction fly, etc)
  • Any extra's purchased (titles etc)

What you WILL NOT keep:

  • Items (inc physical crate keys)
  • Balances
  • Factions and Faction data (claims, homes, members etc)
  • Sethome locations

Here is a small changelog that we've done with the time given, we had asked the previous staff team for the requests that players have wanted overtime and made changes according to that:

  • Improved Donator kits (They will be updated on the store soon)
  • Improved Crate Key rewards (We have added another key to purchase)
  • Voting will be disabled for the first week to prevent voting infliating the economy on release
  • Removed certain features that were not used
  • Many backend modifications

We have changed the world from the previous map too. We have generated a some-what default 1.8 map but have completely removed all types of Ocean biomes to allow for the best base building possible.


The server will be released today (Saturday) at 3pm EST!


We look forward to seeing many faces return and many new faces!




VenomPvP Administration.